I. Court preparation

          Small Claims Court Preparation

           Eviction Court Cases Preparation

           Harrassment Lawsuits

          All Other Court Preparation

           Including all service of  process for ever case that we are assigned to



           Call us today if you are a victim of sexual assault and feel that you have nowhere to turn to. Schools like to look the other way and the cops try to blame you. This is not our way of investigating a case especially with your help. We are there for the victim. If you have been sexually assaulted, we are here to help. This is your first call you should make use. It will all start helping your entire case. We will be with you for every court date, school displinary action cases and things you are going through.   

I.Domestic, Divorce & Marital Relationship Investigations

Premarital Background Checks

Pre-Divorce Spouse Activity Investigations

Infidelity / Adulterous Relationship Confirmation

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

Photographic / Video / Audio / Undercover Surveillance

Criminal Stalking

Divorce Service of Legal Process

Divorce Hidden Asset Search

Locate / Missing Persons Investigations

Child Custody Matters

Child Support Asset Discovery Investigation

Nanny / Babysitter Background Investigations


     III. Criminal Defense Investigative Services

Attorney Investigative Services

Civil & Criminal Litigation Support

Court Testimony

Pre-litigation Criminal Accusation Investigations

Prospective Witness Background Investigations

Locate & Interview Witnesses

Obtain Sworn Witness Statements

Obtain & Secure Evidence

Activity Checks

Day & Night Surveillance Operations

Case Preparation Asset Searches

Demonstrative Evidence Preparation

Court Record Searches, Motor Vehicle Records

IV. Surveillance Services

Surveillance Operations

Undercover Workplace Investigations 

Photographic, Video and Audio Documentation 

Day & Night Stationary & Mobile Surveillance

Vehicle Tracking & Activity Checks 

Counter Surveillance

Remote Electronic Video Surveillance 

Insurance Fraud / Workers Comp Claimant Surveillance

Cheating Spouse Fidelity Check

Divorce Cases

Child Custody Cases

Loss Prevention / Employee Theft

Personal Injury & Sexual Harassment Claims